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What is Fairtrade Leaflets (pack of 20)

A pack of 20 leaflets introducing Fairtrade. They explain in simple terms what Fairtrade is and what you can do to support it. Perfect for handing out to the public.

Islam and Fairtrade Guide

Designed for Fairtrade Towns to engage with mosques in your area, or for Muslims wanting to learn more about how they can engage with Fairtrade within their faith. This guide looks at the parallels between Islam and Fairtrade.

Campaigner Procurement Guide (download only)

An guide for Fairtrade campaigners to influence public spending in favour of disadvantaged farmers and workers in the developing world. Now only available as a download - please see below.

Cotton on to Fairtrade: a guide for public sector procurement staff

A practical guide for procurement professionals covering why and how to ask for Fairtrade cotton in contracts.

Fairtrade Towns Guide

Once you’ve achieved Fairtrade Town status, what comes next? How is it possible to maintain the momentum of your campaign over the years? What are the latest ideas and themes for Fairtrade campaigning? These questions and more are answered in this guide.

Fairtrade Schools Award Guide (for Fairtrade Town groups)

Packed full of ideas, advice and case studies, this guide will explain how the Fairtrade School Awards work and how your Fairtrade Towns group can team up with local schools to explore trade justice and take Fairtrade further.

Fairtrade Fortnight campaign briefing

Kick start your plans for Fairtrade Fortnight with this handy campaign briefing. Comes in the form of an A5 booklet.